Taxes, License & Scales

Taxes, License & Scales

Sales Tax and Business License

Dealers must collect a total of 8.81% sales tax on each retail sale. No sales tax is collected on wholesale sales when the buyer has a business license, which they must show you and you must record. The City of Denver gets 4.81% and the state of Colorado receives the remaining 4.0% of the 8.81%.

All dealers must file both Denver and Colorado state returns by the 20th of the month following the event (October 20th for our event).

You must file separate Colorado and Denver taxes. Pre-registration for a business license is not required. Denver will assign a taxation number with your filing if you do not already have one, but Colorado requires a separate registration for a Special Events Tax License.

Colorado Special Event License and Tax Filing

For the Colorado Business License Click Here to download the registration form and follow the full instructions on the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Special Event License page. The Special Event License fee is $8 or $12 for a multiple location license.

For filing Colorado Taxes, head to the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Special Event Sales Tax Online page. To begin filing, click here, then navigate to the Sales and Use Tax box and select “File a Special Event Sales Tax Return”. Find our event under Denver County events listed as ‘Denver Mineral, Fossil, Gem & Jewelry’. Remember, you can acquire your business license and file your return simultaneously after the show, ensuring it's done by the deadline (the 20th of the following month).

Denver Special Event License and Tax Filing

To file Denver Taxes, visit the Denver eBiz Tax Center page. In the Access and Registration box, click the “Register or File for a Special Event” link and follow the online instructions. If you do not have a Denver Sales tax account, then you will receive a Denver Special Event Sales Tax License at the time of your filing. You can opt to register in advance but it is not necessary and there is no longer a fee for the license.

Weight Scales

In Colorado, if you're using a weight scale for selling goods by weight, you need a Colorado license for it, regardless of other state certifications. Failure to comply can lead to fines up to $750/day. The device may be sealed if found in violation. Additionally, all commercial scales must have an NTEP Certificate of Conformance. Learn more!